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The seed for Hengs Suiting and Armory was born from the passion for modern styling, knowledgeable salesmanship and passion for men’s products! As Brian’s (Founder) contagious passion for menswear & personal styling seeped into the sister companys' (GTDR) tailoring clientele, an obsession for experience took him to mens suiting shops throughout the Triangle where he noticed key experience gaps. 


The higher end mens shops were a bit stuffy and unapproachable as clients voiced challenges regarding seasoned sales professionals engaging them beyond a greeting. The storied mid-tier suiting establishments that we all know & admire offered limited modern styling knowledge, yet routinely pushed the big-ticket $3k+ suits, and price point retailers (based on client feedback) left much more to be desired in the suiting experience from elegance in communication, relevant styling knowledge, and just plan customer service.



Our Additional Services
Personal Shopping
We'll develop a budget and have items hand-picked from the Triangles best/coolest retailers while you focus on life & career-let us handle dressing you for both.
Wardrobe Consulting
We’ll assess your current go-to garments to see where your work and workouts intersect. Whether your workout its athletically inclined or you’re just eating better, we’re going to tailor a budget for your new,revamped closet-then literally tailor it to and for you.
Closet Edit

We’ll white glove the closet, and perform a #TossorTailorit edit.


We'll fit the items in need of alterations and purge dated garments because we'll be working towards a measurable goal.


For what we do
Suit and Corsage
Tailor Craftsmanship
Suit And Tie
Man with Suit and Tie
Smart Male Walking
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